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Manual medicine ( Chiropractic)

Manual medicine is also known as manual therapy or chiropractic.

This applies to the malfunction of the spinal column and the joints which are often accompanied by pain, limited movement and tension. Lumbago, pulled ligaments in your back, shoulder or joint problems or sacroiliac joints blockage etc. fall under this category.

Manual medicine combines a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. A difference between mobilisation and targeted manipulation is made when using therapy.

When applying mobilisation therapy the capsular ligaments, or the surrounding muscles, are slowly stretched and moved. This allows for increased movement and hinders pain.

Targeted manipulated uses a single quick impulse on a “blocked” spinal joint or a sacroiliac joint. In many cases this single application of pressure releases the blockage and thus allows for immediate and pain free movement.

Seeing as spinal joint dysfunction is ever increasingly becoming a medical issue for many patients, both the diagnosing and treating of spinal malfunctions is becoming an important aspect of my job.